Our diplomas

The benefits and quality of the products of the Center "Fitochaev" are confirmed by numerous certificates, licenses and diplomas. Documentary evidence leaves no doubt that each cup of fragrant Russian Strength of Russian Herbs tea will have a beneficial effect on health, mood and health.

XX interregional specialized exhibition "Modern Health". 15-17 March 2006 of the year. Voronezh.

Diploma for participation in the exhibition Voronezh
Diploma for participation in the exhibition Voronezh

In March, 2006, in the city of Voronezh, the XXth Interregional Specialized Exhibition "Modern Healthcare" took place. It is one of the main events in the field of health and treatment. The largest manufacturers and suppliers of medicines and medical equipment, medical and rehabilitation institutions demonstrate their achievements there. The event was attended by 36 companies, including the Center for Fitocha. Only 6 companies were honored to receive award diplomas for the products provided. Our company was awarded such a diploma for the production of health teas from vegetable raw materials in the nomination "Homeopathic remedies, therapeutic, dietary, teas, herbs."

II exhibition "Health for you." 21-28 April 2005 of the year. Moscow.

Diploma for active participation in the forum "Health - 2005"
Diploma for active participation in the forum "Health - 2005"

In April, 2005 of the year in Moscow hosted the second exhibition-forum “Health for You”, which was organized by the exhibition center of the All-Russia Exhibition Center “Science and Education” and the magazine “Health Care Manager”. The event was held with the support of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the Association of dietary supplements, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Moscow Department of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. “Center Fitochaev” did not leave this event without attention and was awarded a diploma for participation.

Forum "Health". September 27 - October 1 2005 of the year. Moscow.

Diploma for participation in the exhibition "Health for You - 2005"
Diploma for participation in the exhibition "Health for You - 2005"

From 27 September to 1 in October 2005, the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow gathered participants of the Health-2005 forum, among which was the Center Fitochaev company. The program of the forum included the following exhibitions: “Rehabilitation and sanatorium-resort treatment”, “MedtechExpo”, “BiotechProm” and “PharmaMir”. The last of these exhibitions was of particular interest to the Center for Herbal Tea, since it was she who was dedicated to medicines, vitamin-mineral complexes, dietary supplements, herbal medicines and teas. Within the framework of the forum, the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovative Technologies in Health Care" was held. On September 29 a round table was organized dedicated to the issues of quality, effectiveness and registration of dietary supplements. For active participation in the forum, our company was awarded a special diploma.


License (up to 2006 year)

In 2005, some tea drinks from Center Fitochaev were awarded by the Russian Diabetes Association. It is a non-profit public organization that, among other things, controls the supply of patients with medicines, diabetic goods and products. For products that meet the criteria of quality, the manufacturer is given the right to use the "Mark" RDA. Our company has received this right for the following Power of Russian Herbs herbal teas:

No.4 - to normalize blood pressure

No.9 - cardiovascular

№13 - pancreas

No.19 - for lowering blood sugar

№20 - for weight loss

No.40 - from pressure.


Certificate of participation
Certificate of participation

XII international specialized exhibition “Pharmacy”. 25 - October 28 2005 of the year. Moscow.

In 2005, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation organized the XII international specialized exhibition “Pharmacy”. This is the only one in Russia, and therefore a prestigious and authoritative exhibition, which presents all the diversity of pharmaceutical developments. For participation in the company "Center Fitochaev" received a certificate.