Delivery options

We deliver orders worldwide.

Minimum order - 5 packs.

Delivery by Russian Post.

Shipping cost is calculated automatically by the Russian Post algorithm when placing an order.

Approximate delivery times will show you the algorithm "Mail of Russia" when placing an order.

A paper notification will be sent to your address. And on the e-mail notification of the delivery of the order to the post office. Do not delay the receipt of the parcel - remember that the order in the mail is stored 30 days. During this period you need to pick up the parcel from the post office, otherwise it will return back.

Please note that postal service operators may be charged for the storage of the postal item. In the absence of answers from you to the first and second notification, the parcel is sent back in 30 days.

Payment for the order is made by card, from the phone bill or electronic money at checkout!

Remember the action! More in the section "Promotions"!


In order to avoid mistakes, carefully fill in the “Delivery Address of the Order”.

In the course of order processing, notifications on changing order status will be sent to your e-mail:

  • Order is accepted;
  • Order processing
  • Sent;
  • Delivered to the post;

If you have any difficulties with placing an order or paying for it, our consultants will be happy to help you. Contact us:

We thank you for your attention and trust in our products!
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